06 September 2011

Day 248 (Done With Tulsa, Now On To New Jersey)

Chuck and I got the Tulsa drop delivered this morning, now we are on our way to Dayton, NJ... though the delivery appointment time has still yet to be determined. It was pretty nice (and good planning on my part) to get a re-start on our logbooks in Tulsa, though not as nice as Woodinville, WA, since there was much more accessibility to stores, shops, etc. in Woodinville. The weather this morning was a comfortable cool, which is a very nice change considering the temperatures that Tulsa has had the past couple months. It's nice to finally have the seasonal transition into Fall, which means Winter is just around the corner.

When I spoke to Monica (my Fleet Manager) this morning, I said that the earliest I could foresee arriving in Dayton, NJ was about mid-afternoon on Thursday, though I do hope the appointment gets scheduled for first thing Friday morning. Should that happen, I just may be able to get together with an old friend from my Marine Corps days. As we drive through Missouri, I look to the south and keep thinking, "just 1 1/2 more weeks to go!" That's how much time until I get home again. It's amazing how much ground I can cover when I get in the right position for certain loads. In just the past 10 days, I (along with Chuck) have gone from Rogers, AR to Tulsa, OK, then up to Woodinville, WA & Burnaby, BC. Then getting the next load in Lewiston, ID, back down to Tulsa, to where we are now - roughly around 4,200 miles.

That's quite a bit of coverage!

The nice thing is being able to stop at a few Starbucks locations along the way, though this morning I had Denny's... which is good enough (plus there were no Starbucks for a few miles). I look forward to my next trip up to the Northwest... I hope you'll join me!

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