11 September 2011

Day 253 (Remembering 9/11/2001)

Ten years ago a terrible tragedy took place - the attack, and subsequent destruction - of the Twin Towers of New York City. Many of us have our own story to tell of what we were doing that day. I do as well, but here I will NOT share it! The reason being is this day shouldn't be remembered by memories of what we were doing, but by how it has affected our lives, communities, and most importantly, our nation. Ten years ago, I was living in Hemet, California. The night of 9/10/01 things were as I would expect them to be: people in a rush to go nowhere, and every once in a while, a motorist might show a little courtesy to either a fellow motorist or a pedestrian. 24 hours later brought a turn-around: people would yield their right of way at intersections, using their turn signals, even allowing somebody to cut in front of them during peak traffic hours... and miniature copies of Old Glory flying from just about every vehicle that drove down the street, Sadly enough, things reverted back only one month later.

As time has gone on (and after going back out on the road, I was able to see a broader spectrum of this complacency), the slogan, "Never Forget 9/11" always seems to pop up everywhere a week before the annual memorial. The truth of the matter is, we have many entities to blame for this tragedy happening. The Muslim world, for one. After all, seeing the footage of the celebrations and the dancing in the streets shortly after the towers fell... they certainly weren't having a block party! They call us "infidels" and despise our way of life... yet never give a second thought about about using Western technology (cell phones, computers, automobiles, etc.). They are truly cowards when they hide behind black hood, store their arms & ammunition in their own mosques, even attack and kill their own fellow Muslims, just so they can instill fear and control over them. I can almost bet that the "peaceful" Muslims would not be peaceful any longer if there were an actual Jihad called upon the Western world.

Another entity that we can put blame upon would be our own government. Before 9/11, the Twin Towers had already been attacked once before, just 8 years earlier. I remember this because I was in the Marine Corps, and all of Camp Pendleton was locked down when it happened. When you start looking a little closer at events and how they tie in with one another, you begin to see a pattern. The attack in 1993 didn't work, so the Muslim radicals began to explore other methods, also referred to as "trial and error." Since 9/11 there are other similar patterns. There was an attempted bombing several years ago in Oklahoma City. OK, during an OSU football game. It was an "attempt" because the security officers were diligent and refused to let a patron in because he refused to allow his backpack to be searched. The device went off in a field outside the stadium killing only the potential bomber. This was an event that wasn't reported on any of the mainstream media outlets. FOX didn't cover it because then it would have sent the message that Conservatives didn't want to get out: "we are not as safe as we led you to believe"; ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN didn't report it because it would have sent the message, "perhaps Muslims are not as peaceful as we want you to believe," and that would have contradicted their ideology as well.

Then there is the post 9/11 activities. Throughout the past 10 years we have succumbed to the "Politically Correct" ideology that has been force-fed to us, using the military as the test subjects. In 1993 was when the military began the "Stress Card" program - recruits were issued a "Stress Card" at boot camp. If any recruit felt he or she were getting too "stressed out," they held the card up, and the Drill Instructors could not do their job (i.e. build up discipline, create camaraderie/integrity, in short, an environment that a soldier or Marine must endure in a combat situation). That was probably just the stepping stone which allowed for the shooting in Ft. Hood, TX to take place. Because of the practice of being "politically correct," Maj. Hassan couldn't be disciplined despite the fact that he had made comments of his extremist views in a forum of his fellow Army officers. He is a Muslim, I get that, but if you make Jihadist remarks, then you should be disciplined! He wasn't even confronted by his superiors when he made anti-America comments... that is NOT the military I served in, but, apparently, it's the military that our elected morons have created. The Ft. Hood debacle is just another example of the radicals "testing the waters" to see what their next plan of action will be.

In closing, let's not honor the fallen just on 9/11, let's treat everyday as if it's 9/11. Muslims threaten Israel on a daily basis. They despise Israel AND America; both the Jewish AND the Christian. Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries, yet they still exist and survive. If Muslims succeed in "wiping Israel from the face of the Earth," then how much easier will it be for them to attack us again (after all, they live among us all over the country). Be alert, be diligent, and, most of all, be persistent. We can't afford to be "Politically Correct" any more!

Above all, PRAY! Pray for our protection, for our leaders, for our troops... and for Israel!

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Anonymous said...

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Doug said...

This doesn't look like the average spam, so I allowed it to be posted. Rather than take up space with a viable rebuttal, I instead chose to address this in today's post.