02 September 2011

Day 244 (Most Of The Day In Montana)

It has been so nice being up here in the north west, especially waking up to cooler weather, as I did this again this morning (it was about 42°). The terrain starting off was a bit mountainous, but a bit later has leveled off to more of a "rolling hills" traveling. It's most definitely the high western plains region, as you can tell from this shot taken as Chuck drove us through Big Timbers, MT:

This area does offer a solitude unlike no other. Driving through the mountainous regions are quite stunning, but if you've never driven through mountains in a truck before (like Chuck), then you would be concentrating more on the road than taking in the scenery. This is one of those areas where, if I didn't have a student, I would drive through here, without music (or any other distractions), and just absorb the majestic views that could only have been created by The Lord. With this evening bringing in the Sabbath, that makes this trip even more joyous and peaceful.

I enjoy living in big cities (though my current residence in not in one), but - like I told my wife when we were discussing a possibility of living in Woodinville, WA - we could always take trips to Snoqualmie Pass if I ever wanted to play in the snow during Winter. I may have been born and raised in S. Florida, but I will always feel "at home" in the western areas. It's always nice to escape the mazes of the "rat race" every now and then and seek solace in wherever it is you choose to call your "getaway", to unplug and recharge for a few days. You would be surprised how well that really works.

On another note (and to amuse my wife, since she said I probably wouldn't do it), the last three night was another meeting between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Of the three games, Boston were only victorious in the second game. The Yankees (BLECH!) may have won 2 of those three games - but the Red Sox are still #1 in their division (stick THAT in your striped hats, Yankees!)!

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