05 February 2012

Year 2, Day 36 (Re-Start Over, Back To Work)

It's been a nice, quiet, and fairly productive day. I woke up later than I wanted,, but I feel rested. When I got myself motivated, I cleaned the truck up a bit (vacuuming, cleaning the floor, etc.), took a shower, finished up what was left of my laundry, and just came back from making a Starbucks run. I saw some familiar faces of people I knew from my previous employer. They are going through orientation here to start driving for the same company with whom I am presently employed. They are here because they no longer are employed. The company they drove for (Ronnie Dowdy, Inc.) closed their doors and went out of business this past Friday. Fortunately, Ronnie Dowdy had the courtesy to get the drivers all to the terminal in Batesville, AR and offer them either a bus ticket home, or a shuttle to my present employer to begin working for them... obviously the drivers I spoke to earlier today chose the latter option.

They were some faces I hadn't seen in several years, and names that have eluded me, but we all remember one another (in my case, it's pretty easy to remember a Jewish truck driver when I wear a yarmulke). I gave them a "heads-up" on what to expect while they go through orientation. I also encouraged them as to how professional this company is, and (most importantly) how well they take care of the drivers. After all, I been here nearly 2 years, and I am VERY pleased to be part of it.

Now it's time to put this post to bed, drink my grande triple Marble Mocha Machiatto and get some miles behind me... a.k.a., get back to work.

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