07 February 2012

Year 2, Day 38 (Getting Closer To Home)

This morning I was dispatched on a load that picked up in Morristown, TN (not too far from Knoxville) heading to Monett, MO for tomorrow. Both customers are first-come, first-served, so that really means they would either be very efficient, or I could have to wait. More than likely, once I'm done unloading tomorrow, I will probably get sent home.

On the way to the customer to load, I stopped to top off the fuel, and picked up an order of wings that aren't usually found at many truck stops, let alone Pilot. They are Caribbean Jerk Wings. I've had them from this particular Pilot before and they are absolutely delicious (especially if you happen to get a fresh batch):

They do have a nice kick to them. Though, unfortunately, I didn't get any from a fresh batch... I got the last of the batch. The last time I was there, however, I did get the first of a fresh batch. I may have to find a good recipe and make some at home.

This Thursday, Sean-Patrick, my 19 year old son, returns from spending the past couple weeks in Las Vegas with my brother. He will only be staying with us for a short while so he can get a few things sorted out. After that he will probably head out to stay with Erik (my 21 year old son) out in the L.A. area (which I will be much closer to in a couple of years).

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