13 February 2012

Year 2, Day 44 (Back On The Road)

Last night I delivered a load in Jonesboro, AR, so that another driver wouldn't have to sit from Friday to Sunday waiting to unload. I didn't mind, since I live about 70+ miles away. My only regret in doing it was that I missed the season premier of The Walking Dead. My wife, Tikvah, did record it on the DVR, so that's a plus. I was, however, able to catch up a little on Being Human, which is another excellent show. I also had the opportunity to convert some of my vinyl records onto iTunes (such as King Crimson Discipline, a couple songs by Al Stewart, and "Sunset Grill" by Don Henley... to name a few).

We were both awakened at about 0600 this morning by a phone call. She figured that at that hour - plus the fact that snow was being forecasted in the weather - it was Nathan's (our youngest son) school sending the automated message saying that school was closed for the day. We did get snow, and is was lovely watching it flutter down... until I had to motivate myself to head out for a couple more weeks. My company sent me (with a cup of coffee in hand) up to the Tyson in Dexter, MO to pick up a load of chicken heading for Rogers, AR. The good thing is that the load was pre-loaded on another trailer by the time I got there. Now I will be heading onward to Rogers, though I am dearly hoping for a load heading west... it's been a while since I've headed that way, you know.

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