16 February 2012

Year 2, Day 47 (Still Heading To Ohio, Until Further Notice)

I had shut down yesterday afternoon just a few miles east of where I am now delivering in Cedar Falls, IA. As it stands right now, there has been no change to the load I am to pick up in Le Mars, IA. I spoke with one of the other trainers in the Training Center (located on out North Little Rock terminal) about this, pointing out that it does no good to the student if they have to wait a week before I can pick them up (as was the case with Lou, my previous student). Perhaps I will get an alternate plan of action later today or tomorrow.

It's been a little chilled and a bit windy here in Cedar Falls today. I'm waiting for this customer to finish unloading me so I can get underway to Le Mars, as I still have 200+ miles to get there, plus another almost 800 to the Walmart (ugh!) in Washington Courthouse, OH... unless something changes, that is.

Until then, it's coffee time.

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