22 February 2012

Year 2, Day 53 (On The Way To Union City)

We were loaded at about 0100 this morning, but since I had no hours to drive, we shut down at Tyson in Russellville, AR. The delivery was due at 0600 this morning, however, since this is a plant-to-plant run, they will take it when we get there. We left out this morning at a little after 1100, but since I wanted to make sure our weights were legal (the load is a little over 42,000 lbs), I slid the trailer tandems back a few holes, then went around the corner (about 2 miles) to the larger Tyson facility and used their scale for the axle weights.

I drove us from Russellville to the rest area just west of Forrest City, AR, where I had Larry take over for a bit... to get his "feet wet", so to speak. We are now just north of West Memphis, AR and - seeing as I'm composing this post - Larry appears to be doing pretty good... it also helps to be in an area that has more moderate traffic than a larger city would entail. I usually start the students off in a lighter atmosphere in order for them to become accustomed to the feel and handling of the truck. As time progresses, however, I'll put more challenging situations before them. As some may already realize, it's already a challenge to make a career move, but even more challenging when one does it later in life. Sure he may be nervous, but that will only heighten his awareness of his surroundings, as well as increase his practice of safe driving. Nervous can be good.


I'm glad I had Starbucks last night.

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