20 February 2012

Year 2, Day 51 (I'm Finally Doing Some Driving)

Yesterday turned out somewhat productive after all. Even though I didn't get a load, I was able to get some laundry done and make the rest of my Pico De Gallo. This morning I was dispatched on a load that picks up in Sidney, OH and delivers tomorrow in Pocahontas, AR. That means that once I get unloaded, I will probably be sent to the North Little Rock terminal to pick up Larry (my next student).

This load will deliver between 0700 and 1500 tomorrow, so that does give me some time to work with. However, if there wasn't that cancellation of yesterday's load, I would have already been in Wilmington, IL and just waiting for my appointment to roll around. So I think I'll treat myself to a Starbucks later today.

I think I deserve it... don't you?

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