04 February 2012

Year 2, Day 35 (Sitting In Little Rock)

It's been a lovely Sabbath day today. I'm presently sitting at my employer's terminal in North Little Rock, enjoying the cooler weather, relaxing on the Sabbath, and getting a re-start on my logbook. Lou is in a (company paid) motel room awaiting his final evaluation, which will be Monday afternoon. As soon as evening comes (bringing the close of the Sabbath), I'll get one of the company vehicles and run some errands, and tidy up the truck a bit... not to mention getting some laundry done before I go home next week.

Sean-Patrick, my 19 year old son, will be coming in for a few months this coming Thursday. I will be home by then, so Tikvah and I will be picking him up from the bus station. My time at home could be a busy one, as we are planning on doing some work in the bathroom. We actually had wanted to do it when I was on vacation, but both of us had caught a cold, so those plan were put on hold. We are trying to get the house fixed up so that when we do sell it (prior to moving back to California), we - hopefully - can get a good price out of it. I'm very much looking forward to the move... though the moving itself is never really fun.

Only time will tell.

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