27 February 2012

Year 2, Day 58 (The Final Stretch)

We left out this morning from Bliss, ID, which is about an hour east of Boise. I started the driving, so that I could make full use of the little available time I had left. We arrived in La Grande, OR at about 1515 (CT) where I topped off the fuel, then Larry took over from there. As we drove through the Southeastern mountain region of Oregon, we took in the view around us... driving along a flat stretch while surrounded by the snow topped mountains. A view such as this only brings one word to mind: Majestic. As Larry climbs the east side, approaching "Cabbage", the view does not diminish:

I felt it was better to coach Larry through the steps needed in order to successfully descend the western side of the mountain, than to show him. By coaching him through it, he will remember the techniques, plus get some "hands on" experience. We have less than 350 miles to Woodinville, WA, then we will reward ourselves for a job well done with a 34 hour re-start on our logbooks... topped off with a Starbucks.

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