17 February 2012

Year 2, Day 48 (A Long Day STILL Does Not Excuse My Slacking)

I apologize for the horrendous delay in putting today's post to bed. I made it as far as Bondurant, IA last night (actually about 0130 this morning), which is about 10 miles east of Des Moines. I would have gone further, but while I was fueling in Altoona (IA, not PA), I happened to overhear the fuel desk cashier and another truck driver talking about an accident. As it turned out there was one about 50 miles east of the truck stop - the direction I was heading - and traffic was not only getting backed up, but also being routed off the interstate. Needless to say, I drove to the next rest area (4 miles away) and shit down for the night.

I have less than 300 miles yet to cover, and I'm planning on getting to Washington Courthouse, OH and park there to get a re-start. It also helps that where I deliver tomorrow and where I pick up on Sunday are literally around the corner from one another. Plus it looks as though I won't be picking up my next student (Larry) until next week.

At least I have Starbucks... or (at the very least) my own coffee.

... and a percolator...

... and cream...

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