03 February 2012

Year 2, Day 34 (Farewell, Lou)

This morning Lou and I left Joplin, MO at about 0845 and made our way to the customer in Bentonville, AR (yes, Walmart). On the way there we had received a pre-plan for our next load, but that was soon afterward taken off. Once we were unloaded, I took us to a little fuel stop right off of I-540... which just so happens to be a block away from a Starbucks, to which I paid a visit. We had waited a couple hours when we were dispatched on a load coming out of Russellville, AR. The load is scheduled to ship on Sunday, but since we have some dropped trailers at that Tyson, it will be a drop & hook.

I've already called in to check on the load, which they are presently working on. I am dearly hoping they have it loaded within the next 2 hours, this way I can get it and head to our North Little Rock terminal. When I get there, Lou will be logging off and getting his final evaluation on Monday afternoon. I will stay there, get a re-start on my logbook, and head out Sunday, to deliver Monday at 1715 (ET) in London, KY. I only have a few more days to go then I will be heading home for some time off.

As the Sabbath approaches, I pray you all will have a joyous weekend.

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