11 February 2012

Year 2, Day 42 (Taxes Are Done, Dinner Is Almost There)

This has been a beautiful, but cool, Sabbath... very peaceful and relaxing. My wife and I had our taxes done this afternoon, which will help us get this house done, so we can sell it in 2 years and move back to California (yes, we are getting a refund). As I put this post together, I'm enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, and tonight's dinner still has 11 minutes left in the oven.

The recipe I had actually obtained from an acquaintance that I know via Facebook and Twitter (@MissInformation). She had made it a few weeks ago for a dinner party she was throwing. After seeing the message several times, I decided to give it a go. The recipe is for Mushroom Lasagna, which I got (through Donna) on the Smitten Kitchen website. It almost seemed a bit daunting (especially since I had never made any kind of lasagna before... ever), but I worked my way through it. It seemed a bit time consuming (perhaps it's because I had to pop my "lasagna virginity"), but as I put it into the oven, it all seemed worth the effort.

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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