09 February 2012

Year 2, Day 40 (Home At Last)

Due to being short on my hours available for driving, I was unable to get home last night. I shut down in Poplar Bluff, MO last night and finished the trip this morning. Shortly after I arrived home, my wife, Tikvah, and I were on the road heading to Little Rock for the afternoon. I had some business to take care of at my employer's North Little Rock terminal, then we went to lunch at a great Mediterranean restaurant called Istanbul, located on the west side of Little Rock. We've been there before, so we knew the food would be excellent. We started off with some warm, fresh Pita Bread with Babaganouja:

We each also had some Lentil Soup:

With my food also came a salad, which I opted for the Mediterranean Salad:

We both ordered a Lamb/Beef Kabob dish, though each one was slightly different (as we expected):

The food was very filling, yet not heavy. Quite delicious! Afterward, Tikvah & I went over to a Starbucks where we "carpe'd the java" with the fabu Lauri Rottmayer (whom is also a fellow blogger).

We are presently sitting at the Greyhound bus station, waiting for our 19 year old son, Sean-Patrick, whom is returning from staying with my brother for the past couple weeks in Las Vegas. So far, this extended weekend is starting off pretty productive... and filling.

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