19 February 2012

Year 2, Day 50 (A Laid Back Day, Though That's Not What I Wanted)

I unloaded last night in Washington Courthouse, OH, then made my way around the corner to park for the night at the customer where I was loading at today. My appointment to load was for 1200 (ET), so I set my alarm for 1030. Just before my alarm went off, I was awakened to somebody knocking on the door of my truck. I climbed out of the sleeper and went to assess the situation. As it turned out (to make a long story short), the load I was supposed to pick up had cancelled. The guy said he tried calling my company to let them know, but - as I explained to him - he may have called after the CSR had already left for the weekend.

On another note, I stopped at a Meijer grocery store on the way here, and bought the ingredients to make some Pico De Gallo, which I had been craving:

If you think it looks delicious, you should taste it. My addiction has been fed... quite literally!

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