10 February 2012

Year 2, Day 41 (Laid Back Day, Awesome Dinner)

Today was really laid back and relaxed. Tikvah and I ran a few errands and picked up some groceries, which turned out to be a joke. I say that because what we actually purchased was not even commensurate to what we paid. We didn't even do our full shopping. The good thing about it was dinner that Tikvah made tonight. She made a Mulanese Chicken:

She found a recipe for that from an issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. The other thing that she made - which was completely fabulous - was her French Onion Soup:

Tomorrow night I will be making dinner. I've been given a recipe (via Facebook) of a pasta dish that seems easy enough, but the actual preparation/consumption could be a different story (though I doubt it). I will, however, post the results here, whether good or bad.

The Sabbath is approaching, so I will put this post to bed for the day. May you all be blessed!

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