25 February 2012

Year 2, Day 56 (On The Road To Washington State)

Today has been a beautiful Sabbath, with fairly mild temperatures (about the low 40's). My plans for this load were set back by a SNAFU... on Tyson's part. When Larry and I picked up in Dexter, MO, we were loaded by 1930 Thursday evening, but because of some "production issues", some of the product had to be run by the 2nd shift crew, and we couldn't leave until the product (only about 3 pallets worth) was cleared and released... which wasn't until 0230 Friday morning. I drove us to Rogers, AR, did a drop and hook, and Larry took over from there and brought us to Tulsa, OK. We took an 8 hour break there, and drove just under 3 hours, then took a full 10 hour break.

We are now heading west through Kansas, and I'm hoping (and trusting in The L-rd) that we will be able to make it to Woodinville, WA by Monday night. If that happens, we will take a 34 hour re-start on our logbooks, so once we are empty Wednesday morning, we're starting off with a fresh 70.

Looking at some of the weather forecasts on The Weather Channel's app (which I hold very little credence to), it shows we may run into a little snow, but not much. Either way, I may have to stop at a Super Target north of Denver and pick up a few things... mainly the ingredients for a roast I'll cook in the crock pot. I like using the crock pot - throw the ingredients in first thing in the morning, and let it stew all day - but the only downside is, several hours later, the aroma permeates the cab of the truck, and can prove to be quite torturous to two hungry men later in the evening... but the end result is so worth the wait.

My Starbucks grande triple Marble Mocha Machiatto (which I shall, henceforth, refer to as "The Road Scholar's Delight") sure does help to quell the hunger pangs... at least for a few hours.

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