30 April 2012

Year 2, Day 121 (This Trip Almost Over)

Our trip yesterday to Kennett Square, PA was interesting, to say the least. Once Dillard and I unloaded, I drove us out of there and took us to where we were loading in Carlisle, PA. Although, whomever it was that submitted directions to the customer into our database, he (or she) was NOT a truck driver. The directions took us down a road that 53' trailers are not supposed to be on, and turning on a road that there was no humanly way possible that a truck with aforementioned trailer was going to fit. When we finally arrived at the customer (I called them and was transferred to their direction line), all Dillard said was, "I'm glad you drove."

Trailer loaded, we made our way back towards the Pennsylvania Turnpike and pulled into a service plaza where both Dillard could take over driving, and I could get some Starbucks. We shut down in Eaton, OH, which is 10 miles from the Indiana state line. This T/A Travel Center we are parked at, I advised Dillard to get us here. Since my truck is overdue on a service, I'll get that done in the morning before we leave to cover the last 100 or so miles left on this trip. What comes after that still remains to be unknown at this present time.

I'm ready to go home!

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