03 April 2012

Year 2, Day 94 (Another Long Day)

This day has turned out to be a long one, so far. By the time I was loaded and leaving the shipper, it was already after midnight... which gave me an 8 hour break on my logbook. I actually don't mind hauling produce, but it's more of a hassle than it's worth when your load gets picked up in areas such as Yuma, AZ, Nogales, AZ, or (as in my case) Laredo, TX. As many other truck drivers will attest to, the big problem with these loads is the freight is booked, but it still hasn't crossed the border from Mexico. There could be wait times up to a day and a half before the product gets to you. As in my case, since I had an 8 hour break (even though I napped), I still had to drive. I made it as far as I could - just north of San Antonio - before I had to shut down for some sleep.

Along the way, I passed a field of some sort (not quite sure if it was an oil well or not) where they were "burning off"... at least I think that's the proper term. It's where you see a large flame burning at the top of what seems to be a smokestack. From a couple miles away (when I had first seen it), it looks like a flickering candle in the dark, open Texas sky. Though such a peaceful representation fades away as you get closer and see it for what it is.

At least I still have a pretty good imagination.

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