19 April 2012

Year 2, Day 110 (A Day Of Remembrance)

Today is a reflection of a dark period in history that should never be forgotten. Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Memorial Day as it's commonly known, is today. A time of great tragedy, and one that could have easily been thwarted. It was a time when the lives of millions were taken senselessly by a dictator who felt these people were less than what he deemed as "socially, or economically, acceptable".

Not only were the lives of 6 million Jews heartlessly taken, but also several million of other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds... all because "they didn't fit" in the "standards" of what he considered as "the master race."

This memorial is also important at a time when various "world leaders" claim the Holocaust "didn't happen", or that is is an "historical fraud".

I've heard that the general population of the mid-40's (as well as some of this generation) claimed, "This is absolutely horrible! This must NEVER happen again!" Has it happened? Have we, as a people, truly prevented something so tragic from being repeated?

Does Rwanda ring a bell?

Choose your words carefully.

Search your history diligently!

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