05 April 2012

Year 2, Day 96 (This Has Been A Long Trip)

Because of the time crunch I've been under, this run has taken quite a bit out of me. Between driving through rain & hail, missing a tornado, and dealing with people who want to drive 15 MPH through a 45 MPH work zone (not to mention that I've covered over 1500 miles since Tuesday), I'm ready for some kind of break. The weather up in Indiana is a bit cooler than it was in Texas. Down there it was the mid to upper 80's, whereas here just outside of Gary it's upper 30's to lower 40's. It may even get a little cooler as I get closer to the Detroit area.

With Passover approaching ever closer, I'm getting the guest blog posts lined up, although I've had one drop out, so I'm scrambling a little to fill in that gap. I've already had to call in a solid because one other said they would do it... then I haven't heard from them since. This recent loss I'm not upset over. She's filled in for me before, and she's good... but her daily schedule has been a little hectic for her. I'll soon find out if that spot can be covered.

I hope.

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