18 April 2012

Year 2, Day 109 (Back To Michigan)

I've been stuck (more or less) here in the general northeast area, and the past few days I've been from Ohio to Michigan, to Illinois, briefly into Milwaukee, now back to Michigan. What I'm expecting to happen is that once I get this load delivered, I will get sent into Livonia, MI to pick up another load of produce. What I don't like about that is that I will get loaded late at night, then have to run all night to make delivery the next morning (as what happened just recently). I continue to see the gradual demise of highway courtesy: no concern for others, fighting with traffic in order to change lanes, etc, not using a turn signal, etc. We have become a nation that is self-centered, inconsiderate, and just plain rude. There are the occasional courteous driver on the road... more often than not, it's somebody who drives a car, van, or pickup, and less of those that also drive a big truck like myself.

This is one of those loads that I personally don't like. Not so much the product I'm hauling, but the requirement the customer has. To be honest, it's a load of beer. I don't like it because the customer wants the trucks picking up the load to only have a half tank of fuel. The reason being is because (in most cases) when I haul a load a fair distance (600-700 miles), I would prefer to go in with a full tank of fuel, this way if I am over gross (80,000 lbs), then the customer has to remove some of the product. But since I had to go in with my tanks half full, they can get away with loading me with the full 46,000 lbs of the load.

I need TWO trips to Starbucks for this aggravation.

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