29 April 2012

Year 2, Day 120 (A Late Posting)

Today was sort of a long day. Dillard and I started from Kirkersville, OH (just east of Columbus) and I drove us to the customer here in Kennett Square, PA, which, as it seems, is in the middle of almost nowhere. We made a couple of stops along the way, Starbucks being one of them. It's quite beautiful out here, but the way to get here was a bit... interesting. I'm almost expecting to fall victim to an Amish drive-by at any moment. It's been a fairly cool day, mainly in the mid-60's all day.

Tomorrow, once we are dome here, we'll make our way to Carlisle (just south of Harrisburg) to pick up our next load, heading to Franklin, IN for Tuesday evening. By the way it looks, I may not get home until Thursday, but I'll wait to see what happens after we deliver in Franklin.

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