28 April 2012

Year 2, Day 119 (Decided To Get A Re-Start)

Yesterday was fairly nice, as far as the weather was concerned. Today turned out to be a little dreary. As I mentioned yesterday, Dillard and I unloaded in Rochelle, IL (about1 1/2 hours west of Chicago) and around noon - when we received our next load - headed to Morton, IL (just east of Peoria) to load. I drove to the customer to load. Once we had the one 2,000 lb pallet put on, Dillard drove from there. We arrived in Kirkersville, OH (just east of Columbus) a little after midnight, where we topped off the fuel and parked for the night.

Once we settled in for the night, I decided to stay here and get a re-start on our logbooks. Not that it was really needed, since I'll be getting home next week, but at least we can run a few days on the same page... literally. I awoke this morning to the sound of rain pattering on the truck's roof. In the few times when I am awakened by this sound, when there are no other trucks idling next to me and the trailer's cooling unit is not running, it's quite a peacefully hypnotic sound... until the bladder wakes up and reminds me what task to take on next.

It's still a little overcast, but still relatively quiet... that is, for a truck stop. All in all, this has been a joyous Sabbath. I am grateful for the times The L-rd allows me to truly rest on this day. It helps to makes the coming week more enjoyable.

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