24 April 2012

Year 2, Day 115 (Get A New Student Today, Deliver Tomorrow)

Leaving Indianapolis at nearly 2200 (CT) is not what I had planned, but that's what happened anyway. There were some nice gusts of winds blowing through Indiana yesterday, which can make for and interesting driving experience... especially when you have an empty trailer and dealing with a cross wind. This load isn't too bad, weight-wise, only about 35,000 lbs.

Later on today I'll make a stop at my employer's Little Rock terminal to pick Dillard (my new student) up and begin his training. I'll have him for slightly over a week before I go home for a few days, during which he'll be put up in a motel where I live. After we head back out, I'll have him for a couple more weeks. I plan on cramming a lot of knowledge on him this first week, then let him recoup a few days to soak in all in.Then the next few weeks we will both start off refreshed and ready to go, and hopefully get something going out west (what I am really hoping for).

The weather has reverted back to "chilly" mode these past few days, which I won't complain about. Then again, I've never let hot weather stop me from partaking of my daily (sometimes intravenous) allowance of coffee. Even though the weather has chilled off again, there are tell-tale signs that we are officially in Spring... road construction has begun! Be careful out there!

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