20 April 2012

Year 2, Day 111 (Another Busy Weekend)

I picked this load up yesterday in Quincy, MI, but it doesn't deliver in Manchester, PA until tonight at 2300. Once I do get it unloaded, I'll head to New Castle, DE to pick up tomorrow and take that to Gas City, IN for Monday morning. I had that same load last week, but it was swapped off to another driver, as I would not be able to make delivery on time.

I have a new student waiting to be picked up, but I am not going through our Little Rock terminal anytime within the next few days. An idea that I proposed is to let him go home for the weekend, and I may get a load that could get me through the St. Louis area, when I can pick him up (helpful, since that's the area he lives in).

These past few weeks have had me, more or less, running in the upper midwest and northeast regions. I don't mind that every once in a while, but I don't like being stuck in it for a couple weeks. I've been in those areas since I left out of Texas. I wouldn't mind, however, bouncing around through the northwest region for a couple weeks... but I guess that's more along the lines of wishful thinking.

Sabbath is approaching once again, and I pray it is a peaceful one for all of you. May you all be blessed!

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