15 April 2012

Year 2, Day 106 (Back In The Saddle)

Now that Passover has passed, I will have to get back in the groove of blogging again. The only downside I've experienced was the fact that I was on the road. I am VERY grateful to those whom posted in my stead this past week, and their offerings of some great posts as well, I might add. After reading the guest posts that went up last week I've realized how much catching up I have to do, as far as content and quality. In the time I've been doing this whole blogging thing I've come to discover just how difficult it can be, as far as coming up with interesting subject matter on a daily basis. This blog is a hobby for me, though it is enjoyable. But it is also quite a task to come up with something even remotely interesting each day. Since there has been a slow down in training (not as much of an influx of student drivers coming in), I have to make time to compose my posts, along with my regular driving duties... with a student, I can write a post while he is driving.

Since all I have is an iPhone, I am a bit confined and limited with what I can post and the research I'm able to do, whereas with a laptop there is more flexibility. But as I learned in the Marines, I have to make do with what I have. Perhaps one day I'll be able to upgrade (lack of capitol being the main reason why that hasn't happened yet), but until then, I guess I'll just continue on with my usual banter.

... and Starbucks!

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