16 April 2012

Year 2, Day 107 (Going In A Different Direction, I Hope I Don't Get Lost)

Since I lapsed in doing so yesterday, I would like to extend a very heartfelt "Thank You!" to the guest bloggers whom filled in for me last week. In case you missed any of them, they were (in order of appearance) RebbeSoul, Blanca Raygoza, Chrisinda Lukens, Lauri Rottmayer, Julie Mollins, Natali Heuss, and Ernmander. I am very grateful that each of these fellow bloggers (and in Ernmander's case, vlogger) stepped in and helped out.

This is further proof of the good that can come of social media, in all its various forms, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or InstaGram. Without these platforms, I would not have interacted with each of these people. Driving a truck I do meet a lot of people, but there is a certain level of class and panache that comes with the people you meet through social media, those who have the finesse (not to mention the technological "know-how" of maneuvering through such forums) and the respectable etiquette that were once confined to the ballrooms and gatherings of "high society". Granted there are still the - shall I say - "street rats" that manage to get into the fray, but that's what makes social media social. It is up to the individual to determine what can (or should) be said... and when. If it's deemed to be "inappropriate", there are those out there that will make it known to the offender, even without discrediting their own reputation. This is called "class" and "tact". The best definition of "tact" is one that my best friend, C.J., and I often refer to (and use on occasion):

"Tact is being able to tell someone to 'go to hell' in such a way that they look forward to the trip."

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