23 April 2012

Year 2, Day 114 (Westbound On A Windy Day)

The day started off pretty chilly (about 36° at around 0500 ET), and has also gotten windy as the day progressed. I delivered this morning and have sat most of the day. I received my next load around lunch time, but it doesn't pick up until 2000 (ET) tonight. I load in Indianapolis, then head to Russellville, AR for 0500 (CT) Wednesday.

On the way, I'll make a stop at our Little Rock terminal to pick up my next student, Dillard. He sounds like a young lad, and my assumption has been validated by an acquaintance whom went through orientation last week to be a trainer (in our division, of course). Dillard is originally from St. Louis, so more than likely he will be parking his truck (once he gets assigned one, after training) either close to where he lives, or at our terminal in Madison, IL.

You will be reading updates on his progress in the coming weeks.

I should make some coffee.

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