21 April 2012

Year 2, Day 112 (Further Commentary Required)

Today is (so far) quite a nice day. As I make my way through Pennsylvania, I observe the beauty around me; the landscape, the blooming greenery, even the frolicking horses at an occasional farm. The L-rd's handiwork is truly a thing worthy of the awestruck wonder it invokes. I come across many different people from several walks of life. One thing that troubles me is the fact that not only are the Jewish people being vilified by a variety of media outlets, but the fact that people are buying into this. The propaganda that is being passed off is that Israel is a "threat to world peace" (to which PM Netenyahu opined). The last time I checked, it was NOT Jewish people that have been planning terror attacks around the world, NOR pushing for a global mandate of Shariah Law... that would be the Muslims. This diatribe seems to have recently kicked into high gear in the wake of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), a memorial of the travesty known as the Holocaust... which even Mahmoud Ahmadinijad denies ever happened!
It is easy to see that most of history is rewritten by the victors. But in the case of the Holocaust, the true victor is humankind. Yet we still don't learn the lesson, even when our previous generation vowed "never again"... if we did, the tragedies of Darfur, Rwanda, and the recent massacre in France (just to name a few) would never have happened.
When will we learn?
When will we take action?
When will we truly hold our elected "leaders" accountable?
To quote a song title by The Smiths:
"How Soon Is Now?"
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