01 October 2012

Year 2, Day 262 (Take Time To Think)

Today I'm very hesitant to even log onto Facebook, for the simple fact that with the Presidential election to be upon us in a little over a month, I'm sure the avid supporters of both sides are "kicking it up a notch." Let's face it, if you have an ardent passion to see your candidate win just because he has the same party affiliation as you, then you really are a clueless loon. If you step back and take a look at the broader spectrum, we have played right into their hands. Is Romney the best candidate for the job? No! Is Obama doing a well enough job that he should be given another term? No! What is clear is Democrats and Republicans have joined together and accomplished two goals: they have blocked other parties from getting any footage in the election process, and they have created a massive division in the American people. Not to mention that I've seen the "race card" thrown out more times these past 3 1/2 years than I have ever seen before.

Long ago, black people were seeking to attain a right to vote. During the process, they were intimidated, persecuted, even murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan in order to keep them from getting that right. Many of those KKK members were also involved in local, state, and federal governments, aligning with, you guessed it... the Democrat Party. Yet throughout the past several decades, the majority of the black population have been Democrats. Until recently. I have seen, especially the past year, an exodus of blacks leaving the Democrat Party.

At one time, the Republican Party had aligned with big business and corporations, but over the past decade - perhaps two - the party ideologies have been reversed, so now the Democrats are for big business. Think about this for a moment: this Administration talks about the jobs they have "created", yet when you look at the new jobs that have actually been created, they have been either within the unions (which has become as equally corrupt as the federal Government), or more government jobs. The President cannot force businesses - large or small - to create jobs. What he can do is offer them enticing incentives, such as tax breaks - the very same thing they accuse Republicans of doing. Both sides have been stringing us along, mainly because Socialism has been infiltrating both sides of the aisle. Would we have been better off 4 years ago is McCain was elected? No! We would have been going down the same path. Will we be better off if Romney gets elected? No! Many of the policies in place now will continue. The only difference between our present "choice" is Obama, if re-elected, will bring America to the brink of destruction quicker than Romney. What we need to do is seek out somebody that can make a difference, but yet somebody who doesn't want to run for office. It played out that way for this country's founder, right? He made a difference for the whole of the America that existed then, yet he also didn't want to be President... the people wanted him. For us to reach that point is long overdue, and we need the action NOW!

The fringe group known as "Anonymous" have done a few positive things, but have also engaged in radical activity, as well. This video could bring about a positive change that we - as Americans - desperately need, while simultaneously this video could also be the work of wackos. Either way, think of the potential... if we come together as a nation.

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