25 October 2012

Year 2, Day 286 (A Long Couple Of Days)

After I left Walmart last night, I headed to Russellville, AR to get my next load. The loading appointment was for 1900, but since I was still at Walmart, it was changed until 2000 (I arrived at 1930). Things started off pretty good, but then went downhill, as I wasn't loaded until 0200 this morning. By then I didn't have the hours to drive. I left this morning at about 0815 and just stuck to the driving, making as few stops as possible. I shut down about 2115, about 40+ miles east of Knoxville, covering about 631 miles today. I still have another 580 to go, but at least I covered more than half the distance.

Once I get this delivered, I'll next head to Sauderton, PA (just north of Philadelphia) to pick up a 3 drop run, which finishes off next Tuesday in Chicago.

The good thing is I was able to make a stop into Starbucks.


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