06 October 2012

Year 2, Day 267 (A Few More Days Until I'm Home)

Yesterday I had unloaded in Munster, IN (just outside of Gary) and - since my next load didn't have to pick up right away - I went over to Merrillville to do some wishful shopping at Guitar Center. I did this because for the past few months I've been pondering getting back into the D.J.'ing world. Since Panasonic no longer makes the Technics MK 1200 turntables (which were the turntable of choice by many "old school" jockeys), it looks as if I may - albeit reluctantly - be going the digital route.

After looking at a few things, toying with some equipment, and even Darren (one of the guitar Center reps) showing me some of the capabilities of one piece, I think I may be hooked... I was certainly drooling. Though the only setback is the financial aspect. To build from the ground up, the system I was compiling would cost around $10K... and that's not even including a basic lighting setup. At least I can still dream.

This has been a peaceful, and blessed Sabbath. Since I am due to be home on Tuesday, Monica (my Fleet Manager) arranged for a load swap for me, so instead of picking up today in Franklin Park, IL (on the west side of Chicago) and heading to South Carolina, I did a drop & hook last night in Chicago, going to Covington, TN... which will have me closer to home. Yes, HaShem is awesome!

May your day continue to be blessed!

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