12 October 2012

Year 2, Day 273 (Our Weekend Escape Is Just A Few Hours Away)

Tikvah and I didn't do anything special on the day of our anniversary due to her having to work. I planned on this weeks ago when I had set when I would be home and for how long. Several weeks ago I had already made arrangements that factored this in, so I made reservations for us to have a weekend getaway. We don't make an escape very often, so it's very special when we do. When we had first met, she already had two sons, so obviously we never did get any of that "alone time" that most couples enjoy before starting a family. In our case, I didn't mind it, nor do I regret it. In fact, the two older sons and I are quite close (Paul, the oldest, even joined the Marine Corps because of me).

This weekend, we will be "escaping" to Eureka Springs, AR, which is a fairly popular tourist/vacation spot. I don't follow trends when it comes to "vacation spots", but I knew about Eureka Springs because I've driven through there a couple times. Each time I did, I had always thought "this would be someplace that Tikvah would like." We are booked for a two night stay, with the special Always And Forever package, which includes a bottle of champagne and dinner for two at a local restaurant. After putting up with me for the past 20+ years, she deserves it!

May your Sabbath be as blessed as ours will be!

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