02 October 2012

Year 2, Day 263 (Shall I Ramble? I Shall)

Today has been a little busy, yet fairly unproductive. After unloading in Covington, TN, I had to take one of the empty trailers to our North Little Rock yard to get worked on, then another trailer to pick up this load in Nashville, AR. This load will be heading to Chicago for Thursday morning, but I will take it back to North Little Rock and a trainer - with his new student - will take it on.

Earlier this evening, I was chatting with a lady (can I call her one of my blog fans?) about this upcoming election. I had mentioned in yesterday's post that we really don't have much of a choice for the next Presidential term. The problem being that we are only given two "choices": either Obama (Democrat) or Romney (Republican). We desperately need a candidate that is a true leader, not just somebody looking for more prestige. There are other candidates from the other political parties, but it seems they are not given fair treatment and the American people afforded the opportunity to choose. Apparently, Democrats and Republicans - with the help of the media - have blocked all other candidates from participating in the election process. If it comes down to the decision of the Electoral College, then the voice of the American people is not really being heard. During the course of the past few elections, the Electoral College has chosen who they want.

Then there's the matter of the various "scandals" and "battleground states" that have been popping up (such as the "hanging chads" in Florida in 2000, various voter fraud, and, let's not forget, voter intimidation). Are we expected to believe that there were enough inept voters in the state of Florida - people that were unable to punch a complete hole in the ballot card - to cause such a major disruption in the election process? Or that there were so many cases of dead people coming back to life just to cast their vote? That sounds as ominous as an E. Coli outbreak each year - at around the same time - on different kinds of produce, and causing a panic across the nation (remember when that happened on green onions, and you couldn't find a restaurant that would have any to add on your baked potato?).

Just a few random thoughts.

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