23 October 2012

Year 2, Day 284 (A Short Run To Arkansas)

This morning something happened that rarely occurs, and something that causes me to be a little irritable when it does happen - I was late for my delivery. Not terribly late, just 20 minutes, but I was still late nevertheless. I can usually cover 650+ miles within the allotted time, but when the routing takes me off the interstate, then delays begin. After this is unloaded, I head to Granite City, IL (just outside of St. Louis) for my next load. That load isn't scheduled to pick up until 2000 tonight, and delivers in Clarksville, AR tomorrow afternoon. What lies ahead after that is anybody's guess.

Last night was the last of the three Presidential debates, which gives me the perfect score of watching none of them (though, when you think about it, either of the debates would still be more time well spend than wasting a perfectly good hour of Honey BooBoo - which I think is a complete loss of valuable television air time... and brain cells). Is there any new developments and/or revelations from this debate? Probably not. They are still playing out this "dog & pony show" to make us think we have a voice and a choice. If we truly utilized the capacity of our power over the government, Romney would not be running... neither would Obama. The sad thing is we have been instilled with the mentality (call it propaganda, brainwashing, etc.) that the choices we are given are what's available... take it or leave it.

I wonder what would happen if everybody wrote in "None Of The Above" on Election Day. Perhaps we should try it!

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