24 October 2012

Year 2, Day 285 (I Detest Walmart)

I loaded last night in Granite City, IL, but they weren't in too much of a rush. I checked in at 1930 for a 2000 appointment, to which they promptly put me in a door. The trouble was, they didn't start loading the trailer until after 2230... by then I had ran out of hours. I left out from there this morning at a little after 0700. Since this was headed for Clarksville, AR, that meant I would go to Springfield, MO, then U.S. 65 south to Harrison, AR, then AR 7 south - through the mountains and (20-35 MPH) curves therein. A route like that tends to take a little time. I arrived at the gate for Walmart at 5 minutes past my 1545 appointment. They will let you in the gate up to an hour after your appointment time, but if you check in at the receiving window more than 10 minutes past your scheduled time (sometimes it can take 30-45 minutes before you get there), they consider you late. Yet, if you are early - and (hypothetically) have only 2 pallets to deliver - they won't unload the trailer until just before their 2 hour time limit. Basically, an hour early, a job that will take no more than 10 minutes, and they make you wait for the 2 hours after the appointment time.

One of many reasons I loathe - and refuse to shop at - Walmart.

Besides, I haven't had my Starbucks fix in a couple days.

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