16 October 2012

Year 2, Day 277 (The Anniversary Weekend Getaway, Part 2)

During our getaway in Eureka Springs, AR, Tikvah and I did a little more sightseeing before we made our way back home. One of the things we paid a visit to was the Crescent Hotel. Built in 1886, it is often known as the most haunted hotel in America, and was even featured on Ghost Hunters. Sometime in the 30's, a doctor had converted it into a hospital and ran it as such for about 3 years. It turns out that it was, basically, just about the money for that doctor. From what the conciergé told me, over the course of that 3 years, there were over 400 people that had died in that hospital.

They have an old pipe organ in the main lobby (and I, like the idiot I can be at times, forgot to take a photo of it) which was originally built to be installed in the Titanic, but the organ wasn't completed in time for the voyage. Also interesting to note is that in December of last year - during their slow "off season" period, they had town out the elevator and have a new one put in, just in time for the "on season". A week after the elevator was torn out, they started getting rooms booked for the weekends... and have been up to 10 rooms shy of full occupancy every weekend since. Needless to say, the new elevator has not been put in yet. The Crescent has daily ghost tours, but if you want to "go solo", you are free to wander throughout the hotel... but the areas that have the signs Registered Guests Only are off limits.

On 31 October of this year, they are hosted a first ever seance (if you're into that) in an attempt to "contact" Harry Houdini.

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