19 October 2012

Year 2, Day 280 (Another Weekend Is Upon Us)

After getting unloaded yesterday in Conklin, NY, I made my way to Allentown, PA to get this load, which is heading to Robert, LA. It took longer than hoped to get loaded, so I didn't get to cover as much ground as I had hoped. I haven't been to Louisiana in over 2 1/2 years, though that doesn't hurt my feelings in the least.

In less than 3 weeks will be Election Day, more importantly, it will be the day that the impending decision is made whether we keep the Socialist (Obama) in for another 4 years, or if we get the Socialist in sheep's clothing (Romney) for a term. Obviously I'm none too thrilled with either of them. I can honestly say we have absolutely nobody worthy to choose from this time around. The sad part is, too many people are voting along party lines, and the sheeple from both sides are running with the current "catch phrases", such as "War On Women". There's a "war on women" really?! Use a little logic and common sense! I've never seen military troops combing the streets looking for women to place in custody for interrogation; I've never seen women grappling with soldiers. What I have seen is woman, like many of their male counterparts, spewing vile comments in line with the talking points of the day in whichever direction the political winds happen to blow (i.e. spitting on a soldier in an airport, calling them "baby killers", reminiscent of Viet Nam).

Men and women need to open their eyes and wake up to what is going on in America... we are being handed a broken claw hammer and being told it's a power drill. It's interesting how we have either Obama or Romney to choose from, when people like Ron Paul have garnered some major support, yet haven't even gotten coverage from the lame stream media (I'm not a Ron Paul supporter either, so don't take that as an endorsement of his campaign). It's outright pathetic that people support Obama just because he's a Democrat, or Romney just because he's a Republican. If you take to the streets based on your gut (your inner convictions) and demand that our voices are heard, and that we choose the candidate, NOT some polls or Electoral College, then - and only then - can we get the candidate, and, ultimately, President that this country deserves; one that will do the job demanded of him.

With Sabbath approaching, I bid you all farewell, until the morrow.

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