03 October 2012

Year 2, Day 264 (Fairly Busy Until Friday)

Yesterday was a little non-productive, but the next few days are looking up. After arriving back at our North Little Rock terminal at around 0030 this morning, I gave the paperwork to the other driver and dropped the trailer. After checking in to the chop for my repair appointment (which was for 0500) I wound down a little then went to bed. As of right now I am sitting at the customer waiting to get loaded. This load will take me to Lebanon, TN for tomorrow. The customer I deliver to is also where I pick up my next load, which will take me to Munster, IN for Friday. What happens from there has yet to be determined.

One thing that has been determined is the fact that I will be making a Starbucks stop once I'm finished here. I may have to wait until I get to the Memphis area, but at least I know that there are two within walking distance of where I will park the truck: one is a "free standing" location, and the other is in the Super Target, which I will park next to.

I can already taste that grande triple Marble Mocha Machiatto, with whole milk, and steamed to 190°.

What's in yourcup?

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