17 October 2012

Year 2, Day 278 (What Is To Become Of Us?)

Last night was the last of the three debates for the upcoming elections, the second between Obama and Romney. I had not seen any of them, nor did it break my heart to miss them. I am utterly annoyed and appalled at the candidates and the "sheeple" voting for them. Here is why: neither "candidate" has offered any real, tangible solutions for this country, nor have they any intention for setting policies that are designed to push for country first. I do find it interesting that there has been an exodus of the black population leaving the Democrat party.

A fellow Marine whom I served with during Desert Shield/Storm shared with me a quote that another Marine had painted on a wall when he was in Afghanistan:

"America is NOT at war... America is at the mall - the Marines are at war!"

That sums it up. While the majority of Americans are "too busy" going to the mall, or watching their "reality" shows, politicians are eradicating our way of life under our very noses. The people have passively accepted this. Instead of seeing these political "policies" for what they are, Socialism in disguise, they accept them wholeheartedly. What is going on in America is VERY much like Jesus' parable of the wood splinter; the people point out the "lies and deceit" coming from the other party, while there is an abundance of the same in their own political party. We are being manipulated into doing exactly what they want us to do, and we do it happily. We no longer serve as followers of the One True Living G-d, let alone being one nation under Him.

If we were, then why is it "politically incorrect" to put up a manger scene in the public square during christmas?

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