10 October 2012

Year 2, Day 271 (20th Anniversary)

Today, my wife, Tikvah, and I celebrate 20 years of marriage. Though I could ramble on, I'll instead dedicate this post - in the form of a letter - to my wife:

My Tikvah,

We have had a lot of ups and downs over the past 20 years... I don't regret any of the downs, because through each of them, we have only grown closer together. I've enjoyed all of the ups, because it taught us that we were doing something right. Through each of the experiences we have shared, I would think that things could not get any better, only to be surprised with the next experience. We have laughed together, we had cried together, but through it all... it was together. Before we met, we had each sworn off getting involved in relationships (as we had both, as we were to learn, had been burned). The day we met quickly changed that outlook. I do believe in love at first sight, because you've proven that it's possible. Over the years we have become more than just husband and wife, we became "bestest" friends... something I wouldn't change for the world. I love your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your breath, your touch... and your silliness. I am still perplexed as to how you have put up with me all this time, but you did. Most importantly, in a time of fragmented, even dysfunctional, families, we have set a good example for our sons... but I couldn't have done that without you. You are my love and my life, my purpose for being, and a great companion and soulmate from HaShem Himself. My admiration and adoration for you continues to grow each day. I can still remember the day we met, and I cherish each day with you since. We have raised 4 great sons and soon, we will have an empty nest. Imagine the adventures we will have in that next chapter. I am very blessed and honored to have you as my wife! I love you, my Tikvah!


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate what you post. You have a new subscriber now.

Anonymous said...

sooooo sweet! thanks for sharing and congrats on 20 years and many many more together!