04 October 2012

Year 2, Day 265 (What Are People Being Taught In Church?)

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through the Facebook postings, there was one topic that was being opened in debate: circumcision. There are many different opinions and viewpoints that exist for this topic as it is, but this thread was based more in the Bible, even using Scripture out of context (as is common within "the Church") to support the argument that circumcision is not necessary. At first I wasn't going to get involved in the discussion, but I felt the conviction of The Spirit of HaShem urge me otherwise. First I had pointed out that Yeshua (Jesus) never taught anything that was contradictory of The Torah. One person had even pointed out that circumcision was not required under the "New Covenant", to which I pointed out that in order for there to be a "New Covenant" (or Testament), that implies that the "Old" Covenant was flawed. When pressed further on that comment, I had pointed out that everything taught with the pages of the "New Testament" are there to bring a deeper understanding to what was already in The Tanach... and specifically in The Torah. Therefore to use the terms "New Covenant" or "New Testament" is an inaccuracy that more than likely originated from a poor translation, and that a proper rendering of that portion of the Bible should be "The Apostolic Writings".

Even though I had pointed out a few things, even addressing that circumcision is indeed a Scriptural mandate (the commandment from HaShem can be found in Genesis), I feel that those taking part in the discussion choose to stay firm in their belief (in other words, they are saying to HaShem that they know better than He), one woman even mentioning that, concerning food, she was NOT going to give up her pork and shrimp - which is complete disrespect to HaShem's Commandments).

How was your evening?

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