16 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 47 (I'm In Pennsylvania, Not England)

Yeah, I almost feel like I'm in England... I'm delivering here in Manchester and loading tomorrow morning in Lancaster, PA embarking on a shorter run than this one I'm currently on - going to Mt. Olive, NC. These last couple days have definitely been active, as I left Jonesboro, AR about 2130 Monday night, made a stop in Indianapolis, IN yesterday at 1800, now here I am in Manchester, PA. Once I'm done here, I'll head to Lancaster for the night.

Hopefully soon this company will start getting loads going west. I enjoy going out that way... lots of open road, plenty of peace and quiet... and mountains. Being a truck driver, and a former active duty Marine, there are not many places I go to where, should I get stuck without a load and have to sit for a day or two, either, a) I know where I can hang out and enjoy the area I'm in and take in some good food, or, b) I have a friend or relative with whom I can hang out... and in many cases I have both options at my leisure. I've even had the opportunity to meet some people I've known via Twitter, such as an incredible artist, simply known as Nemo and a sweet woman (also a former Marine), whom also blogs named Lauri Rottmayer. There are still many other
tweeters and/or bloggers I have yet to meet. One day that will happen.

In all these years I have actually driven through all 48 states in the continental U.S. - and I have a coffee mug from each one to prove it! I've seen some really cool places as well, such as the 1800's Town in South Dakota, the Great Salt Flats, just west of Salt Lake City, UT, even through western North Dakota in a heavy snowfall - in July. Some may look at the Mojave Desert and see desolation, I look at it and see the beauty for what it is - a part of G-d's creation! Beauty is everywhere... it's all around us... all you have to do is open your eyes and look. You don't just see beauty, you have to look at beauty. There is a difference.

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