15 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 46 (Indianapolis, Still PA Bound)

I'm sitting in the dock door at my drop in Indianapolis with still yet another 550 miles to cover by 1800 (ET) tomorrow. I probably wouldn't have such a time crunch if I could have been loaded yesterday in a more timely manner. Yet, this is part of the job.

It seems that every couple of years the federal officials seem to want to modify the hours of service laws we as truck drivers must abide by, when, instead, they should put a few of those regulations on the facilities we load & unload at. Granted there are a few that are rather efficient, but places, like Tyson, who treat the driver like he or she is the computer program that they use when coordinating their shipments and do NOT take into account that each driver has different sleep schedules - that they are HUMAN. where the real irony lies, though, is with the bureaucrats themselves - they are dictating to us truck drivers how to do our jobs, when those politicians can't even do theirs. Am I off base with this?

It's a little chilled here in Indy, so far the traffic has been less congested than usual. Once I'm done here I may stop at Super Target to pick up a few groceries before continuing this trip. The upside to this day... I GOT STARBUCKS!!

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terrinakamura said...

Doug, I don't remember what I said the first time around, but I do know this—I enjoy reading your posts.

You've opened my eyes to what the world is like from your perspective and taught me some things I didn't know.—All great stuff.

Keep writing!

Doug said...

Thank you Terri. I think I remember what you originally posted... something about having the abilities (and your support) to take over the world and decorate it with blue cheese & hot pink polka dots, right? Seriously, thank you for BOTH your comments (yours and your cat's) - I sincerely appreciate your input and your time in reading the posts. I'm not much at decorating (as you could tell from my above comment), so if I ever do take over the world, I'll hire you to decorate it!

terrinakamura said...

Doug, I think you have done a really GREAT job all around! No need to change a thing—just keep writing!