14 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 45

I was ready to go this morning, but the load information wasn't finalized until this afternoon. I'm presently sitting at Butterball in Jonesboro, AR, picking up a load that has a drop in Indianapolis, IN then finishes in Manchester, PA.

As I sit here, waiting to get loaded, my Angel of a wife is sitting at home watching the Westminster Dog Show... a treat she hasn't partaken in for several years, mainly because we didn't have cable nor satellite t.v.

Jonesboro is a college town, Arkansas State University - Jonesboro to be exact. The university has an NPR affiliate radio station, which, by the way, has a good jazz format. It's a pretty good sized city... lots to see and do, and they even have a Starbucks. I've been here, on the south end, many times. There are a lot of cold storage facilities and industry here: Nestlé, Kraft, and Marie Callender's to name a few.

I miss living in the big city. Being born & raised in Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and being stationed in California, where I spent a lot time (and money) in L.A. and Hollywood, (the CA one), I still find it hard to live in an area where a cup of yogurt has more culture than the entire town itself. When I was in the Marine Corp, I remember cycling from the north end of base to San Juan Capistrano, then back later that afternoon... about 30 miles round trip. I would do that every Saturday and Sunday for a couple months. I did that to get off base and hang out. Many times I would stop in San Clemente on my way back, which was one of the cities I would frequent, either to go to the club, the beach, or to just hang out and enjoy merely being in California. I have many fond memories of Cali... the mountains, the beaches, the food, the culture. The most important being that is where I met the woman who became my wife. I may not have accomplished much in my life, but my greatest achievement was convincing Michelle to marry me.

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