19 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 49 (Starbucks Makes It Mo Better)

Last night I shut down in Stoney Creek, VA, for several reasons... ok, maybe just one primary reason: not only was there a truck stop with plenty of available parking, but also because this truck stop had a Starbucks - which makes the second truck stop (that I know of) that has a Starbucks on the premises (the first being a T/A Travel Center in Rockwall, TX).

Every Starbucks location I've been to has a very pleasant ambiance, one that beckons its patrons into relaxation mode. The workers (formally referred to as Baristas) are not only an extension of said ambiance, but also give each location its own unique personality. Every Barista seems to enjoy what they do, and their attitudes are nothing less than perky. Cierra (the Barista I encountered today) is no exception... in fact, her bubbly demeanor was akin to infectious. One could walk in with a dour attitude, and leave with not only a cup of coffee, but also a smile, thanks to Cierra. Hence, with my grande triple Mocha Marble Machiatto in hand, my day could begin.

I made my way to Mt. Olive, NC where I would not only unload the 5 pallets I picked up yesterday in Lancaster, PA, but also meet up with my oldest son and his wife (my favorite - albeit my only - daughter-in-law), who had driven up from Camp LeJeune. We spent about 1 1/2 hours together, and it was, as always, a very great time. I am blessed that they took the time to drive an hour for (what I consider a never-long-enough) visit. As of right now, I'm shut down in Clayton, NC, which is about 49 miles from where I delivered earlier. From the information I received earlier, these next few days could be busy... I'll fill you in more as the events unfold. If all plays out as expected, I'll have some nice pics to share, as well as some great travels (that's, hopefully, enough of a teaser to whet your appetite).

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