21 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 52 (Tyson, You're Mean)

I went to bed early this morning, after giving my load to another driver, then heading on towards Shelbyville, TN. Originally, I was to pick up a load (from Tyson) going to Methuen, MA - which I was VERY stoked about - only to find out this morning that it cancelled. Instead, I'm picking up a load with less than 1/2 the miles as the MA load.

This particular Tyson plant is unique in that it has a prayer room for the Muslim workers.

My 14 hour time limit started at 1245 today, this load delivers tomorrow morning at 1100 (ET), over 400 miles away... and Tyson doesn't "have all the product." When my clock runs out, I'm shutting down. The load will be late. Perhaps, maybe just one day, Tyson will get the picture and actually use a little common sense (at the corporate & lower management levels) when scheduling loads. Yeah... right... and Fidel Castro will denounce communism as a political hoax.

In other news... I found out today that my dispatcher will try to get me through our yard in Little Rock so I can move into another new truck - a trainer truck: it will have a double bunk. Pretty soon we will start getting students in our division, and mine will be one of the trucks they learn to drive in. Exciting? Scary? You be the judge!

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Lauri Rottmayer said...

It would be scary to me because I am not a teacher and would have no patience. But you seem like a patient man and a GREAT and courteous truck driver. Your students will learn a lot and make the road a safer place to drive! :-)