20 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 50 (or, Why Am I Still In NC?)

Not only am I still in NC, I'm still here in Clayton... but it's all good, I've been able to enjoy the sweet peace of the Sabbath - in G-d's rest. There is a lot to be learned in scripture! Deep truths!

There may be some readers that would shy away from this topic, primarily because they are "not very religious." That is fine! The truth is, I'm not religious either. Religion is harmful because the policies & doctrines of any religion are just that - policies & doctrines; many of which (and I would even venture to say most of which) are man-made, or mistranslations, or both. What I have is not religion, rather a relationship with my G-d. I am Jewish - that is not so much a religion, but a belief system; I also am a student/follower of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) - that is where my faith & trust lies in conjunction with my belief system.

This blog post, though it will be brief, is not so much to preach to you, but to offer a little more transparency to you about who I am and where I stand. In this age when we are bombarded by televangelists (many of whom are giving false and/or misleading teachings - don't even get me started on Benny Hinn or Jesse DuPlantis), most no longer have faith or trust in many of those who teach, let alone what they teach. What I will say is this: should you have any questions about what I believe, what references I use mean, or even a scriptural question in general, then feel free to post a comment, email me, message me, tweet me, etc.

I'll say, up front, I don't have ALL the answers - and if somebody claims to have all the answers, challenge them to walk on water!

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